Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Unreasonable to Get Results

I recently took a class where the comment was made that sometimes we must be unreasonable to achieve a goal. I got home late that night and the TV was on and there was Tony Robbins and he commented that the really successful people are unreasonable. This got my attention and I have decided to be unreasonable.
Most of us are so predictable. We go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time, eat the same foods at the same time. The list of habits go on and on. Habits are good things because we can establish a routine without really having to think too much. But, when we want to break a pattern or create something new; then it is time to be unreasonable.
My wife has been working in my office (free) for the past year and she was recently hired on to work at a local college. Her hours are 3-midnight. She also still works 3-4 hours a day in my office. Wow, such hard work and sacrifice. So, I decided to become unreasonable and work many many more hours while she is working this job. My schedule is now for 68 hours a week. I know, here are those out there who have worked that many hours or more for a long time. But for me it is new.
This is still only a couple of weeks new but I am enjoying the process. I market more...much more. I am more up to date with paper work and I am writing blogs again. Of course, the desire for being unreasonable is to earn more income. Like many mortgage brokers and Realtors the past couple of years have been a financial hardship. Can unreasonableness turn that around? I hope so.
Doug Jones